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The space shield is an excellent alternative to what’s on the market. It's light weight, comfortable, fog free, clear and scratch resistant. You can wear makeup again and see a smile!

The name came from the curved shape that looks like a space mans shield. Instead of face shield, it made sense to call it the space shield.

The space shield reduces the risk of Covid 19 when worn in conjunction with social distancing and hand washing. 

No face protection guarantees full protection.

Yes you can! I do. You can either remove the nose piece or keep it in. You wear the full face shield over your glasses and they are fog free. The half shield allows for you to wear your glasses on the bridge of your nose. Just find a comfortable position for your glasses.

Product Care

It is not easy to break the space shield. They do not scratch easily. But of course we advise you to be careful and treat them as you would sunglasses.

Washing the space shield is a lot easier than washing a cloth face mask everyday. You just run the space shield under warm water with disinfectant soap, cleaning the whole shield. You put it off to the side and let it air dry. Once dry you buff out the water marks. Easy!

The shield, a beautiful bag for storage, nose pads if you’d like to use them, and a buffing cloth.

Orders & Payments

Yes it is. We use Shopify and Shopify integrates PCI compliance to ensure safe e-commerce shopping. You can also use PayPal for easy and safe payment options.

Tax is included in the price within Ireland. Applicable taxes are added for your location.

You can use the contact form to contact us directly. We offer discounts on larger orders and free delivery within the Republic of Ireland.

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Within the republic of Ireland, shipping is free. Outside of the Republic of Ireland there is a shipping fee. Because the space shield is so light, shipping costs are only really based on your location. We try to keep costs low on shipping.

Extra Information

Yes. We have medium sizes in clear and some children choose the coloured adult sizes because they look cool.

Of course! I wear it, my family wears it and so do all my friends. I genuinely love the space shield and from the moment I leave the house until I’m home I have it on. I wear it driving and even walking.

I challenge people to wear the space shield for 1 week and then put on a cloth mask. You’ll feel the difference. Take a picture of both and with your permission I’ll post it to social media. You then will receive a discount code to share with family and friends. Sharing is caring!