About us

I began this journey to find an alternative to wearing face masks. Friends and family were commenting on how difficult it is to breath in what we've now known to be traditional face masks. They rush through shops so they can quickly take their face masks off. For younger people, they find it difficult as they were breaking out on their face where they wear the face mask. I have personally had people effected by Covid19 so I understand the severity and sadly sometimes consequences of the virus. 

The Space Shield is a face shield I wanted to make available to the Irish market almost immediately. With the current restrictions coming and going, changing every week, it seems we need to provide protection that works and is a bit more comfortable for the wearer.  From a mental health stand point, to just be able to wear makeup again is a bonus for some of us. To not have to rush out of a shop so you can breath comfortably again. To see a smile or have someone understand you when you're speaking. For someone with special needs, its essential to be able to read lips to communicate.  There are so many benefits. 

I am Irish based in Dublin and always available to speak with our customers. I BELIEVE in all of my products, use them personally and I've tried to make them accessible for all at a reasonable price. I am  in lockdown too and want this to end! I hope this face visor can help mentally and physically those that are struggling through this. 

This is not something I have invented but a product I've tested and redesigned to suit the market better. I support all forms of face coverings. Not everyone drives the the same type of car. Its about what works for you and whatever you are comfortable with. I am providing a face shield that is more comfortable to wear for those that have a hard time with face masks. 

Listen, this is a strange time and in order to get through we all need to be protected. We don't know how long this is going to continue but at least do it comfortably. 

Be safe and be kind to each other.

Andrea .

Owner of Space Shields.