Ways Face Shields Can Be Beneficial For You And Your Family.

Face Shield Benefits

Let's go through a typical situation we have all had. You slip your hand into your pocket or handbag and pull out a face mask you've been wearing a few times because let's face it, everyone hasn't been washing their face masks after every use. You slip it on your face struggling to fit it around your ears and if you wear glasses, you anxiously wait for your glasses to fog up. It's inevitable and it doesn't matter what tricks you found on Youtube, it still happens. Deep breath because for about 20 minutes, if the queue is short, you won't be able to breathe. You've adjusted it and touched your face about 10 times while you've been in the shop. You've noticed you are in a sea of people dodging and weaving their way around with no expressions. At the til, the shopgirl can't understand you when you tell her you want to pay with a card. You have to pull your mask down and say CARD again. You grab your things in a hurry and race out to catch a breath of fresh air. Your mask comes off, and throw it back into your pocket or handbag until you need it again. Sound familiar ? 

Now let's see how a face shield can change this. 

Washing a spaceshield is super quick and easy. You just take soap and water and let it dry. You put it back into the bag it comes with and put it into your handbag or hang it up with your keys. When you go into the shop, put it on like you would sunglasses. If you wear glasses you just remove the nose piece and wear the face shield. No more fogging. No need to take a deep breath because you can actually breathe. You are comfortable because they are so light and clear. You probably have this habit of touching your face, but when you do, you realize you can't. Face shield benefitsYou smile when you see your neighbor who you haven't seen in a long time. Twenty minutes in the shop is a thing of the past now. You can take your time and get everything that's on your list. You can see, so no more bringing random things home because you didn't have your glasses on. Ok, now comes the real test. You are at the til. The shopgirl says cash or card? You smile big and say card. She hears you! 

When you leave, get in your car, drive home, walk in your door, you are still wearing your face shield. You know why? You forgot you had them on. 

That's the difference. The space shield will improve your shopping experience and so much more. 

Have you noticed maybe you or someone you know has suddenly developed bad skin? You have a face mask resting on your face that has been worn without being washed for who knows how long. Bad skin is going to happen. It's like having a dirty hand resting across your mouth for 20 minutes to 8 hours. A face shield sits off of your face. No touching. You aren't even touching your face. Doesn't that sound infinitely better?

Now this is going to sound vain because we are in a pandemic but I don't know about you, but putting on makeup is good for my mental health. And probably those around me. Making a trip to the shop in makeup is as good as a night out after being in lockdown for 6 weeks! Put on that lippy! You are going out. With a face shield, you can! Your lipstick is not gonna end up all over your face. You'll look like the crazy sister in law the next morning after a hen night. I once, I say once because I can't remember the last time I was in a hair salon, was in the salon and the girl had a face mask on. Every time she talked she peeled it back and it was covered in lipstick. I didn't go back. I just thought it was gross. If you are a hairdresser, invest in a face shield!

How many times a day have you heard, wear a face covering, socially distance, and wash your hands? Yes. We get it. Take the next step and be logical. When someone coughs or sneezes, do you think it just hits your nose and mouth? Like it focuses on only those areas? It doesn't. It goes all over your face. What about your eyes? It would be foolish to say that your eyes are not vulnerable. When you really think about it, how gross was that before covid19?

So what can the Space Shield do for you?

Ways Face Shields Can Be Beneficial For You And Your Family.

The space shield isn't just a face shield that provides that added protection. It's a game-changer. 

Can easily be washed.

Soap and water. That's it. Off to the side to air dry and it's ready to go. 

Clear and won't fog.

You'll be able to wear your glasses. No more taking them off or trying hacks. 

Super light and comfortable.

You'll forget you have them on. Genuinely. I have had many coffees spilled across the front of my shirts. 

You won't touch your face.

The curved design allows the space shield to sit around your face touching just at the chin or below for some. There is a small ventilation area on the side to breathe. Covid 19 is not a worm and aerosols aren't these little air bandits that squeeze between your cheeks hunting for your nose or mouth. You've been watching too much Netflix.


Imagine being able to comfortably go into a shop without losing your breath. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Any face covering is only as good as the person wearing it. Wash all face coverings after every use, practice socially distancing and wash your hands. After you wear a face-covering do not place it in your pocket or handbag. Be responsible with your health and be mindful of others. Be informed and be logical. The space shield offers an alternative. The more face protection you wear the more protected you are. 



Written by Andrea Cummings

A cyber security graduate freelancing as a sales and blog copywriter.


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